Is your cat happy?

Adopting Rabbit as a House Pet

How to train a dog so you can drive him in a car

The benefits of pet ownership for kids

Make Pet friendly Home for your Pet

Take care of a pet on a budget

How to be a Good Pet Owner

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Cats and dogs

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Is your cat happy?

Although we like our furry friends-cats, they are not expressive as dogs, so we can never be sure if they are really happy. We know that you can please them by feeding them, playing with them and of course cuddle with them, but still they will rarely show you the same amount of happiness and joy…

Adopting Rabbit as a House Pet

Domestic rabbits can turn out to be excellent pets. However, before adding rabbit into your family, it is wise to research thoroughly. This in turn will help you to understand the pros and cons of different pets. Rabbits are very quiet in nature. This is highly beneficial compared to a barking dog.…

How to train a dog so you can drive him in a car

In order to transport your dog somewhere, you will have to use a car. However, dogs are afraid of cars and motorized vehicles. This means that they will refuse to go inside a car. But, you can train him. If you want to train an older dog, you will need a lot of time and in many cases it is…

The benefits of pet ownership for kids

Dogs and other animals have several benefits for your kid. They are linked to help with poor immune function, allergies and depression. Pets can also help to healthy children. They can help them in preventing allergies, becoming social outcasts and increasing weight. If you are a parent, these are…

Make Pet friendly Home for your Pet

People love animals and keep them as their pet for entertainment or protection .Buying a Pet is easy but providing it a home like atmosphere is a very difficult task. But remember that, if you love your pet then you must give it a pet friendly atmosphere where it can feel like home. For example,…

Take care of a pet on a budget

Having a dog or a cat isn’t cheap. You must afford many new items that your pet need and you must modify your home so it is safe for your pet. All of these increase the monthly expenses. According to several studies, pet owners spend from $150 up to $400 each month on their dog. If we add a…

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What Bad Habits Contribute to a Dog Becoming Obese?

Dog obesity is a serious problem that thousands of people who love dogs face. Here are some of the bad habits that have been proven to cause dog obesity. Fluid Retention Fluid retention is related to heart disease and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent other secondary health…

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What is Parvo disease?

Parvo disease is a highly contagious viral disease that affects dogs. This is life-threatening disease which rapidly affects a dog’s body and mainly attacks the intestinal tract. This disease attacks the white blood cells of the dog and if the dog is young, the disease can cause damage to the…

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Why should dogs be neutered and spayed?

To neuter or spay your dog is the best decision for the safety of your pet. Many dogs are homeless and your female dog could accidentally be impregnated or be attacked by a wandering male dog that has not been neutered. Unneutered male dogs are more aggressive than those that have been neutered.…

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Two giant dog breeds that are great pets

Dogs are great pets, and for thousands of years they have been domesticated. However, there are some breeds that don’t seem very friendly, and many people assume that if a dog is large it is also aggressive or unfriendly. The truth is far from this, as there are many giants dogs that are very…

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What kind of pet is a sugar-glider?

Sugar gliders are possums that belong to the marsupial family. Sugar Gliders bear an uncanny resemblance and have similar habits to the flying squirrel, though they are not related. Their name comes from their love for sugary nectar and their ability to glide through the air. Their ability to glide…

A pet-sitter can make your life easier

We’ve all had them, pets that get into trouble and cause mischief because they are bored. You know the kind of pet that leaves unexpected decorations of torn up blankets or fabrics in the living room or kitchen. Of course, for these dogs, pet-sitters have always been a reliable alternative to…